Eveho has activated the ‘BucoliCAT’ project with the help of other other organisations in Catalonia such as Cecot, Dkaia and Tandem Social, and funded by the ‘laCaixa’ Foundation.

The objective is to implement this project in the municipalities of the rural area  to promote the processes of repopulation and socio-economic dynamis, as well as the accompaniment of young people ex-guardians ships or in the process of emancipation, to start a business or offer a service in the community independently.

‘BucoliCAT’ is a technical project created by the Arke Office of Eveho as a response to the demographic challenge and the depopulation processes that affect spain today and specifically in Catalonia, This is due to the low birth rate, the closure of businesses and the disappearance of services in municipalities in rural areas, the lack of training and employment opportunities for the young population, which places them geographically in a situation of vulnerability, the exodus to other urban sites, and the need to promote independent actions for a harmonious and sustainable development.

The process of repopulation of at least 3 municipalities is favored in a pioneering experience, addressing labor insertion, social inclusion and transition in adult life to facilitate these people to overcome obstacles such as bureaucratic processes, the regularization of their legal situation, or the lack of opportunities that impact on the profile of young people and their emancipation.

Eveho’s ‘BucoliCAT’ offers individualized support towards the professional autonomy of young people for integration into the labour market through self-employment in key companies neglected or which close to support the economic activity of the municipality, but also the emancipation and integration in the community, and the autonomy of this group of vulnerable young people. Taking into account in a cross-cutting manner the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, and in particular Goal n°8, on the promotion of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all, and N°10 on reducing inequalities in and between countries.

Font: Fundació ”la Caixa”.

Font: Fundació ”la Caixa”.

European Year of Youth 2022

On the occasion of the 2022 Youth Year in the European Union, BucoliCAT should be an initiative aligned with the Youth Goals or #YouthGoals of the European Union Youth Strategy (2019-2027).

Goal 3: Promote inclusive societies by taking steps to increase the dissemination of information to vulnerable youth so that they are aware of the spaces, opportunities and experiences available to them, strengthen the capacity of educators to work with marginalized youth, or strengthen social support by implementing the right to a decent wage, to fair working conditions, universal access to quality health care and the guarantee of specific measures for young people in a situation of exclusion.

Goal 5: Regarding mental health. It aims to promote the development of self-awareness and a less competitive mentality by promoting the appreciation of individual abilities and strengths and equipping them with knowledge and skills for better mental well-being.

Goal 6: To encourage young people in rural areas to develop their potential by ensuring sustainable, quality, accessible jobs and by giving them a positive image, guaranteeing equal access to quality education.

Goals 7 and 8 on quality of employment for all and quality of learning.

Goal 10: To promote a green and sustainable Europe by empowering young people to act as agents of change for sustainable and environmental development in the environments in which they carry out their life projects.