Legal framework

Legislation applicable to foundations

Civil Code: Bill 7/2012 of June 15, modifying the third book of the civil Code of Catalonia, regarding legal persons. 

Transparency – Specifically related to foundations established in Catalonia:

Bill 21/2014 of December 29, regarding the protection of foundations and the verification of the activities of the associations of public utility DOGC num 6780 of December 31, 2014. 

Ordinance JUS/152/2018 of September 12 establishing the level of setting of foundations and associations of public utility to the transparency instruments established by Bill 21/2014 of December 29 regarding the protection of foundations and the verification of the activities of associations of public utility DOGC num 7707 of September 17, 2008 (errors rectified). 

Equality: Bill 17/2015 regarding the effective equality between men and women. 


Resolution TFS/2786/2017 of October 27 establishing the terms of registration and publication of the collective Conventions of social action and others risks for the years 2013-18. 

Real legislative Decree 2/2015 of October 23 approving the consolidated text of the bill regarding workers statute. 

Bill 31/1995 of November 8 regarding the prevention of professional risks. 

Bill 54/2003 of December 15 reforming the normative framework of the prevention of professional risks.  

LOPD: organic law 3/2018 of December regarding personal data and digital rights.

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