CRAE Joan Torras

20 teenagers between 12 and 18 years old under the guardianship of DGAIA – Barcelones

We offer a model that substitute family in a temporary way and where the main objective of the stay is to give an answer to the physical, emotional and social development needs they require. This support happens through an individual educative project that claims locating the needs and potentialities of the youngster so that they may, via our undertaking, grow and develop happily and autonomously with the same opportunities children and teenagers living at home have.   

The basis of our support is the link and it is characterized by respect and by the certainty that all youngsters living with us, regardless to the time they spend there, can feel listened and treated with affection.    

We understand that children and teenagers must develop their best autonomy level whatever their limits, diagnostic or functional diversity are, and we’ll intensify their participation and decision making by remaining close to them. This pedagogy prove us every day that the learning is being given in the most significative way for them and their future.

Our youth is diversified, autonomous and independant