The e-VENTURE project is funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union and managed by the Eveho Foundation together with three other partner organisations: LiberaMente (Italy), Arsis (Greece) and Predict (Romania). It is focused on the development of resources and tools to promote the entrepreneurship of young people with fewer opportunities in the EU, through gamification methodologies and New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The less favoured young people actively participate in the decision-making processes alongside educators and youth leaders in the framework of the project e-VENTURE. They converge in the same space of participation and creation to give form to a ‘Training course in social entrepreneurship’ with the keys to accompany and facilitate the creation and implementation of these social projects and innovative companies in the community.

The e-VENTURE approach addresses digital transformation through digital readiness, resilience and the training of professionals and young people. All this is materialized in two great results with the aim of training and training in social entrepreneurship, both young people with fewer opportunities beneficiaries of the project, as well as educators and youth workers involved in the different phases.

In the implementation phases of e-VENTURE, youth workers are trained in accompaniment and mediation work for the design and creation of business ideas for young people with fewer opportunities. Likewise, it works on the creation of the ‘e-VENTURE Gamification Experience’, an online game with a ‘room scape’ format attractive to young people to promote youth social entrepreneurship, offering a space for the creation of their own business ideas. Finally, it is intended to promote active citizenship, the sense of initiative of young people and young entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship.


The Eveho Foundation coordinates the e-VENTURE project with European organizations specialized in various fields of knowledge and intervention, seeking to create synergies and multiplier effects in processes and results:

LiberaMente is an association formed by a group of young people from San Giorgio Albanese, in the South of Italy, which promotes an active citizenship committed to the social and cultural development of their community, in collaboration with local government and the social partners. They offer psychological resources, various training, support for professional integration, administrative and legal assistance and access to health care for individuals and families welcomed into the community in order to facilitate their development and emancipation.

 They carry out awareness campaigns to combat the stigmatization migrants and refugees, promote solidarity and the inclusion and integration of groups in situations or at risk of social exclusion.

The objective of the Arsis association is to contribute to the development of a progressive and democratic educational model for social work, which is enriched by programs that take into account the socio-political context of contemporary society. The programs, activities and interventions of Arsis have a multidisciplinary approach to promote both individual empowerment (training, psychological support, socio-labor insertion), and cooperation attending to the recognition of Human Rights and particular attention to the values of solidarity and equality. Arsis encourages citizen participation to address challenges such as poverty and inequality, and the lack of opportunities that impact on especially vulnerable groups.

Predict CSD Consulting is an organization created in 2006 specialized in the implementation of projects with New Information Technologies (ICT) that offers solutions for the development of digital products, the delivery of training courses or consulting in different educational areas, such as: online courses, game design, graphic elements or educational videos. Simulation exercises for young workers with experience in engaging thousands of people in online courses that ‘PREDICT CSD coordinates. They facilitate and offer stakeholders a engagement strategy: Inform, Consult, Engage, Collaborate and Empower.