ITOS (Itineraries of Opportunities)

Eveho participates with young people of the ITOS project in Recooperem project

The Regional Council of Vallès Occidental develops the RECOOPEREM project, which consists of the collection of surplus prepared meals and basic necessities of the catering and food companies of the territory and its subsequent distribution, in favor of social inclusion, among those people or families in the region who need support in food. These people can be families who use the food bank, the municipal pantry, elderly dependent people, among others.

The ultimate goal of the project is to prevent food waste and the generation of losses by promoting the use of food throughout the food cycle.

Collaboration between different agents: catering companies (school canteens, catering, etc.), schools, public administrations (town halls, the Regional Council, the Waste Consortium, the Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT) and social distribution entities with all their volunteers.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To reduce food waste in the catering sector and food businesses.
  2. Redistribute food surpluses in good condition from enterprises or entities in the field of hospitality, catering or food (school canteens, catering, restaurants, markets, etc.) for human use.
  3. Support projects for the social inclusion of municipalities in the region, social or economic risk groups (dependent elderly people and families at risk of exclusion).
  4. To encourage collaboration between the different agents involved and the social volunteers of the region by publicizing the project and involving them in the actions developed.
  5. To generate local food and staple food distribution circuits with sufficient continuity.
  6. To improve the level of knowledge regarding the hygienic handling and preservation of food as well as the balanced diet.