CRAE Pere Quart

36 spots for children, teenagers and youngsters, age 4 to 18, under the guardianship of DGAIA – Maresme

This guide us in the essence of who we are, the ideology of building a unique and differential project to break with the associated social vision of the residential centers. A motivation driving each and every one of us (the foundation, the board, the children and youngsters, the educative staff and the non-teaching staff – namely the cleaning and maintenance staffs) to live our day-to-day in the most familial, welcoming and caring way.   

In our center (our home as we’d rather call it) we want that a familial atmosphere rules, accompanying personal growth and above all the all the emotional, offering a living and active accompaniment in the whole stay process of the children and youngsters. We consider this method to be the basis allowing to stimulate the ability of resilience of our youngsters and which will help them grow, overcome difficulties and contemplate a bright future.   

The stay in a residential center represent a very significant period in the lives of the children and teenagers and we don’t want it to be lived like a traumatic experience but that this experience be part of their lives’ paths in the most satisfying way. This period must allow them to grow and to give a meaning to their reality until they have to build their futures and adult lives.

For us, it is important to preserve the individuality and the role of each and every children, teenagers and youngsters, to respect their diversity and their learning rhythm, their story and dreams. Each one of them is unique as are their lives and stories. The family work which gives a large part of the stability and the group and participative work that characterizes us. All of this helps us to achieve the individual objectives and to transform our youngsters in sociable people, able to live and coexist in a healthy and stable way, and capable of blending in the social sphere surrounding us.

 “Don’t limit your freedom of speech” and “They form a full sea”